Artist Management – Is It a Matter of Semantics?

Are you managing your own career?

The devils in the details isn't it? Or perhaps it is really a matter of semantics. Let me explain.

The term Artist Manager, as used in the entertainment industry, will most often mean the person who oversees the "Big Picture" for the artist's development and forward movement toward career success. This means they deal with all the people involved with the artist from agents, publicist, record companies, publishers, tour staff, group members and in turn deal with all the millions of details related to every one of those team members.

Now according to the dictionary the word manager has 5 potential meaning:

1. To succeed in accomplishing

2. to take or be in charge of or control of

3. to dominate or influence

4. to be in charge or control of an undertaking

5. to get along, function

So when you think about managing your own career or perhaps another artist's career you are more than likely using one or all of the above definitions as you do your job.

Even though success as a touring artist requires that you do manage all the activities that move you toward your goals, I would like to raise the bar a bit and offer a new way for you to think about your job.

What if from now on you view yourself as a visionary entrepreneur?

The reality is, that to be a successful artist, artist manager or agent, you need to have a vision of what you would like your future to look like. The other fact of the matter is that you are an entrepreneur running your own business. When you combine the two words, you plant the seeds for something far greater and much more impressive than simply managing your activities.

A visionary entrepreneur uses their imagination to create opportunities that open new doors. A visionary entrepreneur sees possibilities for new collaborations. A visionary entrepreneur has an overview of their business keenly aware of their past history and strategically involved with their present circumstance and able to use both adeptly to design their future. They know what they would like to accomplish and are savvy enough to surround themselves with the right people to help them.

Raise your head high above all the minutia of your day-to-day, and look around you.

How can you transform yourself from the manager of your career into a visionary entrepreneur? What twist of thought might it take to raise the bar for your own career? What act of creativity, self-confidence or action might be required to stop simply managing your activities and become your own visionary entrepreneur? Might not this be one way of taking your touring career to the next level?