Career Management – Pitfalls We Should Avoid

Anyone who seriously cares about having absolute control over how their career will pan out over their lifetime will make sure that they spend some time on career management activities. Career management is important and it is also one of the most ignored and forgotten about habit that professionals all over the world practice, unfortunately. It is unfortunate because, when there is no plan, all that is left is chaos and chaos is never good. If it is not practiced then a person's professional life can become extremely chaotic!

Career Management

A standard career plan involves always keeping an eye out for signs. Signs about changes in the economy, changes in professional skills, changes in industry trends, changes in employer behavior and the way these changes are evolving. A career plan should always be flexible and it must have enough room to accommodate the variety of changes that happen over time. If you are already doing career management on your own or are planning to start doing it, then there are two ways of planning for one's career. The right way and the wrong way, and it is important that everybody follows proper career management guidelines.

Risky Propositions

A number of people, mostly those who are doing career management incorrectly are of the strict opinion that only the best qualified candidate end up getting hired for a given position. This is not true because qualifications alone have never helped a candidate land a job, let alone a career. Candidates who are average at best, get hired the most, assuming that they have put in the necessary time and effort into preparing for the job and of course the key here is presenting. Presentation and preparation are almost on equal footing with job skills when it comes to getting hired by an employer.

Another problem with several working professionals is complacency. As long as a person is employed, he does not think about finding out what are the other jobs that are out there that he could be hired or is he actually employable. The problem with being lax about knowing how the job market is that if the unfortunate event of being let go happens, that particular person would be clueless as to what to do next.

If only you are prepared about what lies outside your current job, then when the worst happens, you would have no reason to panic. When you are ready with back up plans as part of career management, you have nothing to fear.