Components 5 & 6 of Career Management – Punctuality and Attendance

When it comes to career management, eight components will make or break your career. These components consist of whom you know, what you know, congeniality, appearance, punctuality, attendance, attitude, and performance. These components of career management are crucial to your career. This article discusses the fifth and sixth components punctuality and attendance.

Punctuality: More Than Arriving to Work On Time

Punctuality is very important to managers. Projects need to be completed on time. There is a saying in business time is money, which means every moment lost will cost the company money in wages and equipment costs. If people are not on time, delays will generally occur.

Nearly all projects are time oriented, and thus everyone has to do their parts in an organized and scheduled time frame or delays will occur. Delays can cost companies millions in lost wages and lost revenue. When projects are not completed on time, the boss in charge receives the blame. Those negatives have to be explained, which is never good for those who are not punctual.

Punctual can have two meanings:

  1. The time you are to arrive at work
  2. The deadlines set forth by your boss

You may be given some leeway for not completing your part on time if there are legitimate reasons for your delay. You will not be given much leeway if you don’t show up on time to do your work.

If you make a habit of being late to work, you will be passed over for promotions. Excessive tardiness, in most cases, will be a justifiable reason for dismissal.

Building a record of punctuality will be a big feather in your cap. You will need all the edge you can muster to be promoted and rise to the top. The more positive the bosses perceive you, the better chance you have to climb the latter of success.

Attendance Equals Reliability

When it comes to attendance, the bosses take your attendance record seriously. You can be the best worker but when your attendance record is lacking, you will be passed over by someone with a better record.

The reason for this is that bosses look at attendance as a measuring stick for your reliability. When it comes to a time crucial project, your reliability will come in question. Reliability is a major factor in decision making of who to promote and who to let go if someone has to be laid off.

When it comes to celebrating or just having too much fun, don’t forget that you are relied on to be at work as scheduled. Your attendance is your responsibility so be careful on why you take off work and only use your sick days when you are actually sick.