Human Resources Managers – One Overlooked Career Advancement Strategy For the Human Resource Manager

There are lots of strategies for advancing your career an Human Resources manager. They vary from the complex to the practical to the absurd. If I had to select one high impact strategy for managing your career as an human resources manager, it would be a very simple one, that is often overlooked. It is this …

…. Set aside "ONE career hour" a week to successfully build your skills and manage your career.

If you are as busy as most Human Resources managers are, it's easy to forget to spend some time managing your career. It's easy to get diverted focusing on day-to-day execution of HR manager tasks and priority. However, doing your job and managing your career are two discreet activities. So setting aside at least an hour a week at a minimum is crucial.

For example, you might spend an hour updating your resume to make sure it's up-to-date.

Or you might devote an hour enhancing your LinkedIn profile or requesting more endors.

Or you might give a presentation on your human resources specialty at a lunch and learn training session to sharpen your presentation skills.

Or, you might spend an hour over lunch networking with someone who may someday offer or refer you to your next job.

Or, it might be returning all those headhunter calls you've received and provide them with a referral – to keep that relationship going ..

If you don't make time to engage in career building activities like these, it can be costly to your career as an Human Resources manager in the long run.

That's why it can pay to set aside a 'career hour' each week, where you spend at least one hour reviewing your HR career advancement efforts and enhancing them.